Monday, 27 February 2012

Bad Blogger

What can I say?
I've failed the #febphotoaday challenge quite spectacularly :(

I've not posted in over a week & feel pretty lame for letting it slip by... But in more positive news - we got our moving date!
I will be a Toronto resident in just over 1week!!! Squee does not even begin to describe how exited (and stressed!) I am :)

Hope to document the move & take some amazing photos - keep a sort of reminder of all the new things I will discover :)


Saturday, 18 February 2012

#Febphotoaday Challenge #15 'Phone'

#15 'Phone'

So.... This is my phone... It's an HTC Sensation XL & I've only had it 2 weeks.... My preciouuuus! I seriously have never loved a phone before but this baby is pure Awesome! It' huge!!


#Febphotoaday #14 'Heart'

#14 'Heart'

As Valentines has just passed I already had a cute photo!

Foam Valentines!

Do you see how the foam has fallen into the shape of a heart? I was so exited haha!
The Manshape & I went out for a drink on V day & this appeared before my eyes :)
I also think just below the heart it looks like a pair of lips!!


#Febphotoaday challenge #13 'Blue'

#13 'Blue'

Don't you just hate the Fail Whale?!!

Twitter Fail Whale


#Febphotoaday challenge #12 'Inside your closet'

#12 'Inside your closet'

I don't have a closet right now as I'm preparing to move house! It's lest me with a huge lack of clothes as I've gone & packed them all ... so I found myself making a few 'new wardrobe' purchases hehe! I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything new till I moved - Hello - New shops!!
As our moving date keeps getting delayed I'm becoming more & more frustrated by my tiny choice of clothing & I caved at the sight of my new additions & I do SO SO love them - worth it in my book ;)

Midnite Vultures top from All Saints

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #1

Every week I discover more & more nail polishes / beauty products that I become enamoured with.
Often these are not even brand new products but ones I read about on blogs or just something I spot whilst window shopping.
I figured - why not put them in a list?
OK - so maybe not the most original idea for a blog post but I'm going to round up my pretties all the same! ;)

This week it is all about polish *Polish addict*

1. Butter London 'Knackered' - A pale Bluey lilac with micro glitter particles - just gorgeous!!

2. Butter London 'The Black Knight' - divine Black shimmer with Pink, Silver & Blue glitter

The Black Knight


3. nubar 'Treasure' from the Prisms collection - Lilac filled with holographic glitter.

nubar Treasure

4. Nubar 'Brilliant' from the Prisms collection - Pink filled with holographic glitter.

nubar Brilliant

5. The elusive Max Factor 'fantasy fire' - Holo Heaven Can't find it anywhere!!

Max Factor Fantasy Fire        

So there you go :)

Please forgive the random sizing of photos or dodgy formatting - I'm still learning all this linking jazz ;)


#Febphotoaday challenge #11 'makes you happy'

#11 'makes you happy'

Colour makes me happy.
Colour makes me super duper happy & is sometimes the only way I find inspiration!
This is a glowing Halloween ghost that I get out every year - he changes colour & brings me a smile or two :)


#Febphotoaday challenge #10 'self portrait'

#10 'self portrait'

This was a tricky one as I'm still unsure as to how anonymous I want to keep myself... so here is a lot of editing instead! ;)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Top coat searching!

Sooooo... What do I look for in a top coat?
1. Durability
2. Super fast dry
3. Doesn't smudge nail art!

This is quite a tall order it seems...
I did treat myself to a bottle of the ultimate top coat 'Seché vite' last year but, as expected, it was gloopy & unusable within 3 weeks. No Bueno.
I'm also not comfortable with the health warning on the side of the box!

After doing a lot of research I ended up trying Sally Hansen's 'insta-dri top coat' and have been so impressed with it!
It dries super quick & lasts so much longer without chipping.
It's never smudged any of my hand drawn nail art :)

I've read about people having their Konad stampings being smudged by topcoats but I guess I'll have to test it out when I finally treat myself to a stamping set!

Anyway - my problem this week was that everywhere seemed to be out of stock of my sacred insta-dry! Even on the feel unique website!

I went searching for an alternative but found conflicting reviews on most products.
I'm pretty interested in trying an OPI top coat but the price makes me wince a bit!
I also picked up on Nubar, Essie & Poshe - if you have tried any of these or have a top coat you think is amazing I'd love to hear your advice :)

I got ultra frustrated trying to decide what to order but needed to pop into town... I went in my tiny local chemist & got a nice surprise - Sally Hanson Insta-dry right there on the shelf!!

Shop local - who'd of thought?! :)


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Q&A #2 - 9/2/2012

Phew! After all that #Febphotoaday posting I need a break & thought it would be fun to post another Q&A :)

Again - I found this idea on this fab blog:

1) Mood: I'm a total Grumpasaurus today! My anxiety is super high (for some mysterious reason)which throws off my whole day :(
I'm trying my best to keep busy so have been immersed in redesigning the blog with the Manshape & trying to avoid eating my own weight in Chocolate. Ahem. *rustles*

2) How do you feel about teal eyeliner?: I love when I see a bright swoop of eyeliner, especially when it's on the top lashline & winged :) Bright eyeliner is something I want to experiment more with this year instead of sticking to dark Purple & Black EVERY time!

3) The name of a perfume you own but never wear?: Vivienne Westwood - Boudoir. It's a gorgeous scent but very strong & unfortunately The Manshape is allergic! So I just look at it in it's beautiful bottle ;)

4) Have you ever noticed...: How the quicker you try & do something the worse it turns out? Rushing always lands me in disaster but it doesn't stop me doing it again & again!

5) A scent that reminds you of your teenage years?: Exclamation! *make a statement, without saying a word* haha!! I remember the bottle looked like an Exclamation mark.

6) Where's your favourite place to nap?: Under a blanket, pretty much anywhere other than a moving vehicle.

7) What's the best thing about Mondays?: Errrrm... It's not Sunday night anymore? I hate Sunday nights - they remind me of homework that hasn't been done! (and it was so long ago!)

8) How's your hair today?: Hideous. Wild woman of Borneo style. Hedge-backwards-behind-a-plane-engine.

9) What's the most important thing you look for in a lipgloss besides colour?: Non-tackiness & moisturising.

10) Weekly Goals:To get over this cold once & for all! It's been clinging on for 2 weeks & I'm fed up! Also to stick to my daily schedules & make a MUCH better effort at regulating my sleeping pattern :)

Ahhh that's better :) Nice good ramble soothes my mind! Now off for a cuppa & maybe to bake something... muffins or flapjacks?


#Febphotoaday Challenge #9 'Front door'

#9 'Front door'

Pretty literal!


#Febphotoaday Challenge #8 'Sun'

#8 'Sun'

WOW. This one was hard. It's so gloomy today so this is from a while ago. Sunset in a local park.


#Febphotoaday Challenge #7 'Button'

#7 'Button'

I feel suuuuuper Lame for not keeping up with this challenge :(
I'm doing 5 photos in a row to catch up!
Naughty Blogger! ;)
Also, because I'm still learning the Blogger posting format, I'm being driven slightly bonkers by not quite grasping simple things like line breaks & how the hell to type under a photo raaaah!!!
I look forward to the day when I can look back at this post & feel relief that I now understand it inside out (that day will come won't it?!)


#Febphotoaday challenge #6 'Dinner'

#Febphotoaday challenge #6 'Diner'

This turned in to a yumtastic soup I promise!

#Febphotoaday challenge #5 '10am'

#5 '10am'

Coffee. I love love love Coffee.

The Never seen naked nails eeek!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I am currently working on redesigning the whole blog. It's so much harder that I thought!
I'm even going to be changing the name.
I often wonder if every blogger goes through this? Having a few versions before settling on one design?
I'd find it really interesting to see the way others develop their designs & that gave me this idea:
To have a 'design graveyard' where I will keep a screenshot of each blog design as I go along - I'm bound to change my mind again so it may end up with quite a few ;)


Monday, 6 February 2012

#Febphotoaday challenge #4 'A Stranger'

#Febphotoaday #4 'A Stranger'

I found this one a little trickier - I mean, I can't whack up a photo of a random person without their permission can I? Well, obviously I could of done but then I came across a photo I took just yesterday after the great snow!
We had a little 'Stranger' visit us in the night & they left a cute calling card behind ;)

Tweet tweet!

I like to think the bird was attracted to the crumbs from my latest home baking attempt - that day it was Apricot, date & maple flapjacks :)

#Febphotoaday challenge #3 'Hands'

#Febphotoaday #3 'Hands'

Well.... How could 'Hands' not be interpreted as 'Nail art' ?! *Polish addict*
Here's one of my favourite nail designs - it's a bit time consuming but totally worth it.

When I have them done this way the bright colours help make me smile :) 

Pow! Leopard print Nail art

I'm really enjoying this challenge - Hope everyone else taking part is finding it fun too :)


#Febphotoaday challenge #2 'Words'

I've been super slow today & realise I need to play a little catch up with this challenge as it's already the 6th!
Please excuse the photo size/placements - I am posting this from my phone & have very little control over visual aspects of the post!

#2. Words.
This is a beautiful Ring I commissioned a very talented artist to make for me :)
It's a great reminder for me to keep hope when times get tough & knowing that it was handmade just for me makes it even more special :)
You can take a peek at this great girl's work over here: The Sunshine Daisy

Saturday, 4 February 2012

#Febphotoaday challenge #1 'Your view today'

I've decided to give this Feb photo a day challenge a go - to get myself into the habit of blogging daily :)
I hope the links I put in work!
I found the challenge on the following blog :)

So, to my 1st photo!
#1 Your View Today
This is a genuine moving truck outside my house.. many giggles were had ;)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Neon Pink Nail Polish - forever hunting

Over the years I have searched & searched for the perfect neon Pink nail polish.
You really wouldn't think it would be this hard... Maybe I'm being too fussy but dammit - I know what I want!
The perfect neon Pink from my past was by a Swedish brand called 'Viva La Diva' in #11.
As you can probably guess - I got it in Sweden & can't even order it online :(

The second best contender was a random find in Superdrug a few years back by an Australian brand called 'Bloom' in the shade 'Molly' - a really poster paint neon - perfect! ... Discontinued gaaah!

The 3rd and final polish in the running is by Pixi beauty in shade no.13 - really good neon Pink although not the smoothest to apply.  I can only get this via the website but there's still 'something' missing...

I've ended up ordering what I hope to be a super duper pick-me-up bright Pink shade from Butter London - Disco Biscuits.
I ordered from Amazon & have high hopes :)
I've fallen foul of bad colour representation while buying polish online so many times I don't know why I'm getting so exited ha!
However - fun post is still fun post :) Even the anticipation of delivery is kinda fun... Just me?

Strictly speaking this is still not a Neon Pink but it sure looks super bright so maybe it will tide me over till I track down the elusive Pink perfection :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

New phone & blogging app issues!

This is just a test really to see if this app works!
I got my gorrrrrgeous new phone - HTC Sensation XL ....IT'S HUGE! :) I'm in love with it but have run in to trouble trying to find a good blogging app :(
My two concerns are:
1. I want a simple app for posting on my own blog that actually works and doesn't resize my photos...
2. I want an easy to add-to app for following & reading blogs that lets me comment without logging in every time.
Simple right? Nope!
If anyone can recommend an app to me I'd be very grateful :)
I'm posting this with the blogger app... Lets see how it goes